15 Amazing Sea Buckthorn Oil Health Benefits for Skin and Hair

15 Amazing Sea Buckthorn Oil Health Benefits for Skin and Hair

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Sea buckthorn oil has many important beneficial properties for human health.

It has variety of potential uses and as such it should have its place in your household apothecary.

What is sea buckthorn oil used for?

Sea buckthorn oil has a wide range of application possibilities and can serve for internal and topical use.

More specifically, this oil can be used for the following purposes:

– Skin regeneration and rejuvenation
– Treating acne, pimples, dermatitis, psoriasis, skin burns, cuts and other skin issues
– Regeneration and rejuvenation of vital organs and their bodily functions
– Strengthening immunity
– Treating sore throat
– Treating sinus inflammation and its symptoms
– Prevention of tumor mutations and development
– Relieving symptoms of radiation exposure
– Relieving symptoms of bronchitis, asthma and numerous other respiratory ailments
– Sun protection
– Hair care
– Treating stomach ailments, such as ulcer
– Mental and physical stress relief
– Treating gynecological issues, such as vaginal infections
– Recovery and preservation of DNA strands.

Amazing Sea Buckthorn Oil Health Benefits

How is sea buckthorn oil used?

Sea buckthorn oil can be used in several different ways, depending on the purpose it’s used for.

When considering internal use, it should be pointed out that it is meant for adults and children older than 12. If the purpose of using sea buckthorn oil is treatment of ulcer, it should be used three times a day, 20 minutes before each meal. The correct dosage in this case is one teaspoon of oil. The procedure should be repeated each day for 20 to 28 days.

If the purpose of use is treatment of bronchitis, asthma, sinus or throat infection or some other respiratory ailment, it should be used in the same manner, the difference being that the treatment should be applied over a period of 7 to 15 days.

If the purpose of use is relief of consequences wrought by radiation exposure, the oil should be ingested 2 to 3 times a day, 20 minutes before a meal. The correct dosage would be half a spoon of oil and the treatment should be applied over a period of three weeks.

If you wish to use sea buckthorn oil to strengthen your immunity, to get some stress relief or to renew and preserve DNA strands, you should ingest it twice a day, 20 minutes before a meal.
The treatment should be repeated monthly, 7 to 10 days a month. The correct dosage is one teaspoon of oil.

When considering topical use, the treatment methods also depend on the purpose.

If you wish to treat a serious skin problem or irritation, you should apply the oil locally, on the affected area of skin, and in generous amount. After application, wait 10 minutes so oil can take effect, then remove any leftover excess using cotton or a piece of soft cloth. A thin layer of oil should remain and be left for skin to absorb. Repeat this treatment every day until the problem is resolved. If the problem remains after three weeks, it’s time to try something else. If you wish to repeat the same treatment, you should let your skin recover between two sessions for four weeks.

If you wish to treat acne, pimples and lesser skin issues, then simply rub a thin layer of oil into the affected area once a day. Let the oil do its magic and don’t wash it off.

If you wish to treat wrinkles and aging spots, simply add sea buckthorn oil to the crème you’re currently using. The oil should take 5% of the overall mass.

When it comes to hair regeneration, just add ten or so drops of oil to your shampoo or regenerator.

When it comes to sun protection, simply rub the oil into your skin as if you would any other sun protection product.

Regarding gynecological issues, soak a tampon in 5 to 10 milliliters of oil, and then use the tampon in intervals of 8 to 10 hours. The procedure should be repeated daily over a period of two weeks.

What does sea buckthorn oil contain?

Sea buckthorn oil has incredibly rich content of naturally healthy ingredients. Specifically, it contains beta-carotene, provitamin of vitamin A, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, vitamin B9 (folic acid) which is necessary for DNA preservation and regeneration, vitamins C, D, E, and another rare vitamin, vitamin K1. In addition to numerous vitamins, this oil contains 20 minerals, all of which are very beneficial for human health and vitality. Another important thing about sea buckthorn oil content is that it contains 4 different kinds of omega acids. Those are omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9 fatty acids.

In addition to all of these, sea buckthorn oil contains numerous enzymes, antioxidants and other beneficial elements.

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