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Occupational Therapy Jobs

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Have you decided that occupational therapy is the right career path for you? If so, you are in store for enjoying a rather rewarding career as you get to have a significant impact on the lives of the people you work with. But, just what kind of occupational therapy jobs can you expect to find after you graduate and what kind of work can you expect to do after taking on one of these jobs?

The reality is that there are many different types of occupational therapy jobs for you to select from. While some occupational therapists choose to work with an agency that works with a wide variety of different people, others choose to focus on occupational therapy jobs that service a specific population of people.

In general terms, there are about five different industries in which occupational therapy jobs are available. The occupational therapy jobs that usually offer the highest salary are those that are within the home health care services sector. If you take one of these occupational therapy jobs, you can expect to work with everything from young children to the elderly and everything in between. In addition, the disabilities that your clients face will be quite varied, with some suffering from developmental injuries while others are recovering from injury or illness.

Occupational therapy jobs are also available in nursing care facilities. Obviously, your demographic will be far narrower if you work in a nursing home, as all of your clients will be elderly. While many of your elderly patients may suffer from common issues that afflict elderly individuals, this is not to say that you will be encountering the same needs among all of your clients in this setting. Therefore, if you choose to pursue one of the available occupational therapy jobs within a nursing home, you should be prepared to work with patients suffering from a wide variety of different disabilities and needs.

You can also find occupational therapy jobs in elementary and secondary schools. With these jobs, you actually work with students within the school setting. As such, you will be called upon to work closely with the education staff as you perform your duties. Since these occupational therapy jobs are provided in conjunction with the school system, many states will require you to complete education-related coursework or to obtain additional certification before you will be able to work at one of these occupational therapy jobs.

Two other areas in which you can find occupational therapy jobs are in the offices of health care practitioners and in general medical and surgical hospitals. Obviously, with both of these occupational therapy jobs, you will be called upon to work with a wide variety of patients. Although you will more frequently be asked to work with people who have suffered from diseases or accidents while working in these settings, it is still common to be called upon to work with people with developmental disabilities as well.

In short, no matter where you choose to work, you should expect your occupational therapy job to be one that presents many challenges as you work with a diverse group of people. At the same time, occupational therapy jobs are quite rewarding and the positive impact you have on the people you work with is one that can leave you feeling quite satisfied at the end of the day.

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